Rx App [Confidential]

For users to familiarize themselves with the Rx branch of this client's services, we created a standalone Rx vision for our client. Please contact for more details. Due to the confidential nature of the work, for more information about my design process, please contact me.

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The Challenge

Allow users who already use our services and current website and app to continue with the brand and product experience with the Rx function of the brand.

The Process

The requirements were refined during user interview phase of this project. We interviewed several users familiar with the client's brand to define key features that customers looked for in a pharmacy. We implemented existing design patterns to the UI while taking into consideration the brand's existing legacy.

My role and deliverables:
  • Worked to realize user and customer feedback into tangible MVP features
  • Create and present design recommendations, mockups, and final design handoff to creative director.
  • Created a robust user guide for the landing page tool with style and content recommendations.