[Redacted] User Dashboard

In collaboration with our client, we created an MVP dashboard for a user within our client's internal operations that pulled relevant and vital data and functions fulfill the user's needs. This is a b2b software requiring the dashboard to interact with and refresh based on APIs with many time sensitive elements upstream and downstream that are interdependent. Please contact me for more information and background information around other design artifacts.

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The Challenge

We presented and reviewed concepts with stakeholders across the business to validate our approach and iterate on key requirements and design for rapid development. In order to design the right solution, we asked our stakeholders to describe to us the features they'd find most useful to facilitate peak efficiency for their workers. We frequently workshopped these features as the dashboard was complex, pulling data from across several teams.

Our pillars for success revolved around a universal understanding and agreement around:

  • MVP user
  • Design recommendations and technical feasibility
  • Ensuring value in our propositions through automation, resulting in a more efficient line of work.

The Process

My role and deliverables:
  • Worked as the design touchpoint with  stakeholders for these pages for continued iterations and modifications pre-and post launch
  • Create and present design recommendations, and final designs for stakeholders
  • Conduct presentations and workshops with key stakeholders
  • Deduce the most elegant solution to surface the key features of the dashboard
  • Communicate with development and project management team to ensure technical feasibility.


  • The MVP use of this dashboard is critical for release but must be designed with the future use of this product across the business, so it was vital for us to create a very firm foundation for future projects.
  • Some of the features we proposed and were asked for by stakeholders were tabled due to technical constraints in our timeframe.