Financial Institution [Redacted] interactive User Journey Mapping

The original brief was to make a static user journey map detailing the client's internal process lines, but after discussion with them, we decided to make it interactive. Please contact me for any further questions around process and context.

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The Challenge

How to do we take complicated user experiences and represent them in something as orderly and for the most part, as universally understandable, as a subway map?

Our goals:

  • Align clients on the same picture
  • Build empathy with the client for the user
  • Identify pain points in a service or product
  • Use as foundation for ideation
  • Use as storytelling tool for stakeholder

The Process

Implementing our design system, we were able to create a content-focused designs and elements to the site that were proprietary to the purpose of these pages. 

My role and deliverables:
  • Worked as the design touchpoint with creative direction from our internal team, as well as stakeholders for these pages for continued iterations and modifications
  • Create and present design recommendations, and final designs and deliverables for client.
  • Created a robust user guide and hand-off instructions to client.


  • Tools that are easy to hand off are vital to determine early on if the work is going to be handed over to the client to use as an internal sales tool.
  • The process that we mapped takes place across various points of time and users. We were able to uncover pain points for future work that the client needed to address.