Empowering women to confidently give themselves breast exams.

check it.AR is an augmented reality application that helps women perform breast self-exams.

The problem with breast self-examination is that most women don't know how to perform one.

Young, high-risk women who would benefit from self breast-exam are reportedly unsure about how to properly perform a self breast-exam and what to look for. In fact, there is a lot of competing evidence about performing regular self breast-examination.

Over 40% of breast abnormalities are found by women at home, and the number of women detecting abnormalities via self breast-examination has been reported to be as high as 25%.

Between information overload, anxiety of finding something irregular, and inconsistency of monitoring breast health, women would rather avoid performing a test than to navigate the challenges of the process.


It’s clear that self breast-examination can help women be more in tune with their breasts so they know what to look for when monitoring their breast health.

We need a simple way for women to perform self breast-examinations regularly.

Why check it.AR?

Wondering what to look for? Is that a lump? Is it just breast tissue? What’s that weird red spot? Don't panic — check it.AR has you covered.

check it.AR tracks and schedules self breast-examination, and can take note of abnormalities.

Checking yourself is easy.

  • • Augmented Reality functionality overlays a guide onto your breasts while you are performing the exam.

  • • Guidance is provided along the way to ensure success in the exam.

  • • 2D guide can be accessed when utilizing AR functionality is not viable.

Does more than guide exams.

  • • Calendar and menstrual tracking integration lets you know the optimal time to perform a self-exam.

  • • Progress bar lets you know how far along you are in the exam.

  • • check it.AR makes accurate and reliable predictions about when you should be performing your next exam.

Altering the state of a woman’s breast health knowledge.

User Walkthrough

Calendar and Reminder Integration

  • • Push notifications remind you of your upcoming examination so you can ensure you perform the exam at the optimal time each month.

  • • Take notes, track your period, and track breast changes over time.

  • • Track your menstrual cycle: it's is an important component of breast health, as it can determine when it is best to perform your next breast exam. (3-5 days after your period begins.)

  • • Synchronize data from Apple’s Health app to integrate check it.AR into your healthy lifestyle.


Onboarding screens are distilled into three screens as to not overwhelm the user with information. The registration process is quick and local, not requiring any external accounts and sign-ins.

AR Mode

AR Mode guides the user through the steps of the breast self-exam and ensures that she is performing each step properly by detecting the correct position of the breast in that part of the process.


The added element of airplane mode helps reassure the user that her camera will have an extra layer of security. Warning a user before her camera opens also emphasizes privacy.

check it.AR must prioritize privacy because of the vulnerable state the user puts herself in and the amount of trust she invests into the application.

Design Process

AI Research
User Research + User Needs
Solution Ideation + Methods
User Testing

User Research

AR Research


Prototype Testing

Information Architecture





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